WEST SHORE   :   30 ERFORD ROAD, CAMP HILL, PA 17011    :   717-730-9805
EAST SHORE    :   4455 NORTH FRONT STREET, HARRISBURG PA 17110    :   717-909-2013

Nutrition & Fitness Blog

Our Commitment

To Quality

We've researched, tested and tasted 1000's of ingredients and food products before adding any of them to our menu. We insist on using the freshest ingredients and we have them delivered every morning. We're willing to pay more for this kind of quality so you can have the best tasting food available. Even though we pay more for high quality ingredients, we keep our menu prices reasonable by running an efficient kitchen.

You can tell the quality of a restaurant's food by the cleanliness of the kitchen. Our wonderful employees are proud of the food they serve and diligent about keeping a tidy kitchen.

​To Service

It's not enough to be fanatic about the quality of our food. We are also committed to offering service with a smile. We hire employees based on experience in the food industry and their personality. We care about our people. We treat them with dignity and respect. They, in return, care about their work and treat our customers like friends.

To Health

You are what you eat. Eat a greasy fast food hamburger and you'll find yourself feeling lethargic and lacking the energy you need. At Simply Turkey and More we want you to have a great tasting meal that's also good for you. We use fresh ingredients and savory spices to create explosive flavor without the added sugar and fats. Whether you're eating in or ordering a catered meal, you can be confident that you're getting a nutritious meal that will give you the energy to take on the world.

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